About us


I'm the founder and CEO of Beauty Steam. In Early 2019 I decided to launch Beauty Steam, my mission was to create an honest skincare brand, that honestly worked. My goal was to disrupt the fake anti-acne and skincare industry with an organic, natural, cruelty-free product with real benefits for anyone and all skintypes. In other words, an in the skincare industry pretty unique product, no creams, no parabens and no chemicals. We called it Beauty Steam.

How and why did I come up with Beauty Steam you ask?

I've always had baby smooth skin all the way throughout my early teen years but then, one day, out of the blue just as If I was struck with lightning, I started to get breakouts, at first they we're manageable but eventually the problem grew bigger and bigger. What once was one of my favorite parts of my body, a pillar of self esteem and one thing that I was often complemented for now suddenly became a huge burden as the complements all vanished like sand slipping through my fingers.

Not only was there the dilemma of wether or not one should bust the pimples or keep walking around with yellow juicy breakouts all over the place, to avoid any future scar tissue. What was even worse was the constant pain, I remember myself sometimes trying not to laugh, holding it back, so that I wouldn't stretch the skin, causing alot of pain because all the irritated breakouts around my cheeks.

Lost and unaware as I was and to be honest quite frankly desperate, I kept looking around for miracle cures so I read into everything that said anything about "fighting acne" and "eliminating breakouts" and bought into all sorts of beauty creams and anti-acne treatments, all with their good old stack of promises. In the end i threw both my money and all my expectations down the toilet.

I didn't have alot of knowledge about skincare but I quickly learned a couple of things that worked for me. Just washing my face daily with water helped slightly, avoiding using any types of fat moisturizers or suncreens with alot of fats also made a huge difference. 

How did i come up with Beauty Steam?

I used to eat alot of ramen noodles, not only  because they were cheap and a staple food of most students around the world but mostly because I really do love a hot bowl of chicken noodles. By chance, I used to stand above the cooking pot day dreaming while desperately waiting for the water to boil. I started to notice that the steam from the boiling water felt pretty good on my irritated skin full of breakouts and I could also actually feel how my pores were opening all over the face. Adding one with the other, I thought it would be a smart idea to wash and scrub my face clean every time right after I did my little noodle steam ritual.

Slowly but surely I could actually notice alot of improvements in my skin so I just kept doing this ritual everytime I ate noodles, which was basicly once a day back then. But I did keep the Chicken Noodle Routine for myself...

How Beauty Steam Evolved?

With the knowledge that the Steam itself was having great effects on my skin I thought it would be an awesome idea to add even further to this recipe, surely there must be better things for the skin than chicken noodle soup.

I started to investigate and I found a couple of Facial Steam products around, mostly privately made and nothing branded or seriously packaged. I found so many more Herbs, Flowers and Minerals that all each on their own have benefits for the skin and by the end of my search I was counting up to 16 different ingredients that I wanted to add to the blend. None of the products I could find used more than 5 or 6 ingredient at best and they sold the products in small packages with an outrageous price per use,

I was now determined to set out and create Beauty Steam with my carefully selected blend, the goal was to make an honest skincare that honestly works, amongst a sea of companies with false promises. Surely there must me a demand for such a product, I myself knew the frustration having myself been a victim of the antiacne skincare industry.

A tip for you, if you suffer from really severe acne!

One thing that really helped and I totally recommend this if you really have alot of acne, (no I'm not selling you this) is a medication called Roaccutan/Isotretinoin which needs to be prescribed by a doctor. This is the only known medication to 100% treat severe acne. This together with a healthy diet and my now well known skincare routine really made the difference. If you suffer from severe acne, don't hesitate to contact a doctor and ask for this medication to help you along the way.

Why the slogan "Beauty comes from within" ?

With all this talk about skinroutines., clean and clear skins and all the constant buzz about beauty it's easy to get lost in it all the shallowness and forget what beauty actually is and what it means. Beauty is everywhere and in everyone, period. It's just up to the observer to see it and up for you, the main character of this movie called life to experience it. Most of all I truly believe beauty is an attitude, if you feel pretty, confident and love yourself this will transmit into the world around you and the people surrounding you will pick up on this. If you love yourself, which ofcourse you should, others will too, don't sleep on this..


With Love,
Founder and CEO