How do I use Beauty Steam?


Why Beauty Steam instead of other acne creams?


Sometimes dirt bacteria, dead skincells or excess skin oil gets trapped inside a pore due to a clogged pore opening. 

This is when a infection starts, what we normally call acne or a breakout. 
Applying another layer of commercial acne creams can even make things worse by further blocking the pores. 

Why does Beauty Steam work?

Beauty Steam reduces and prevents acne, whiteheads and blackheads by opening the pores, allowing you to clean and clear the skin from inside exfoliating or gently scrubbing your skin.

Does Beauty Steam work against acne?

Yes, introducing Facial Steams into your skincare routine is a sure way to reduce and prevent acne, outbreaks, whiteheads and blackheads- Simply because the easiest way to clean the your skin is from inside out, by first opening your pores,  the science behind this is very clear.

What are the Ingredients in Beauty Steam?

A carefully selected blend of 16 ingredients.

Consisting of a carefully selected blend of flowers, herbs and minerals that all each on their own have positive effects on the skin. We are completely open and transparent about our ingredients, you can read more about them on our ingredients page. Our blend consists of the following:

Chamomile, Red Rose Petals, Nettle, Lavender, Comfrey, Mint, Rosemary, Green tea, Hibiscous

Is Beauty Steam good for dry or oily skin?

Because of the wide range of ingredients Beauty Steam is optimal for all skin types, dry to medium and oily skintypes. Our goal was to make a blend that did not only fit all different skin types but also a single persons skin conditions throughout the year, often shifting from dry in the colder months of the year and a bit more moisturized during the warmer months.

How often should I use the Beauty Steam treatment?

We recommend using it atleast 2-3 times a week to achieve good results. Preferably it should be a part of your skincare routine, everytime you want to clean your face throughtly.